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SchwörerHaus: Das Unternehmen

Firmengeschichte und Erfolg seit 1950

With over 60 years of experience and over 41,000 houses built, we are at your side as a competent, innovative and solvent partner. Equipped with eight locations nationwide and high-precision manufacturing technology, we produce the best quality “made in Germany”. Your house is planned according to your personal ideas and wishes, precisely designed in our own construction department with CAD, prefabricated in the factory and built turnkey by qualified specialists within a few weeks on your building plot. But to get to know SchwörerHaus even better, we recommend that you visit us in Oberstetten. An experience awaits you that you will not soon forget. We look forward to hearing from you soon: Welcome to Schwörer.

Build on trust

Consultation with SchwörerHausWe are at your side from construction advice to sampling and are fully and completely familiar with your project. You will receive a detailed offer, a list of services and a construction description so that you are always on the safe side. We keep your construction plans permanently in order to be able to carry out future changes to the house as easily and efficiently as possible. And our modernization service will also make a house possible for generations in the future. As you can see, you don’t just build houses with us. With us you build on trust right from the start.


First active house B 10 in the Weißenhofsiedlung StuttgartThe engineers in our development department keep tinkering with intelligent solutions to keep the noise level in houses as quiet as a whisper and to ensure safe fire and burglary protection. Last but not least, we are repeatedly involved in research projects in order
to identify today what will be needed tomorrow – for example in terms of demographic change, mobile living , redensification in an urban context and the recyclability of materials.

Doing business sustainably

Ecological production cycle at SchwörerHausWe show responsibility. As a climate protection and energy plus company , nature is important to us. And we prove this in every production step: Thanks to an ecological production cycle, we protect the environment and contribute to reduced CO2 emissions. We also use natural resources to generate energy. We produce our own electricity in our biomass cogeneration plant. In our factories, we consistently rely on the processing of domestic, PEFC-certified woods. For us, sustainability means creating a place that will endure into old age. A place that is one thing above all else: healthy. We achieve this, among other things, through materials that ensure that indoor air is tested and free of harmful substances.

The SchwörerHaus film

You can find more information about SchwörerHaus on our website www.schwoererhaus.de or watch our new SchwörerHaus film „Here I am at home.“ and discover the world of Schwörer.